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Hedges: Captivating, But Challenging

There’s truly nothing that matches up to a good hedge, right? It’s attractive, scenic, and offers you the privacy you covet, blending various admirable qualities into a single garden construct. But when your hedge isn’t achieving its full potential, it can personify everything you don’t appreciate. Rather than receiving praise from pedestrians, it appears to be extending beyond your Warrandyte property!

Caring for a hedge can be a significant commitment, as they call for regular preservation to uphold their beauty and carry out the roles you assigned for them. Without committed upkeep, their tidily sheared foliage could evolve into wild greenery that crosses its assigned confines, instigating a tiresome and time-intensive refurbishment. If you’re running short on time, we have just the remedy for you!

Hedge Trimming Warrandyte

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The Solution Your Hedge Deserves

With over 30 years in the industry at Oz Tree Services, we’ve seen numerous hedges like yours. We utilize our experience, tools, and understanding in every job to guarantee you’re left with only the highest quality results. Thanks to our level 2 arborist qualifications and our standing as reliable hedge trimmers, if your hedge has gone wild, we have the expertise to return it to its best form!


Our Dedication Knows No Bounds

When you contact Oz Tree Services, you’ll receive the full service whether you need us once or on a regular basis. From beginning to end, we make sure you can be proud of your hedge.

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Assessment and Recommendations

We meticulously assess your hedge’s health, structure, and looks and make suggestions for its refreshment based on our observations.

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We price fairly and don’t hide any costs, so you’ll know just what to expect.

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Completion of Work

We carry out our work adhering to our high-quality standards, ensuring that your hedge accomplishes its destined roles.

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Clean Up

You can rest assured that we leave your yard clean and tidy; there’s no need for you to handle the clean-up.

Ready to be on the (h)edge of glory?

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The Benefits Of Hedge Trimming

Whether your hedge is designed for privacy, aesthetics, or a variety of reasons, we keep your needs at the forefront of our minds.


A hedge acts as a natural privacy barrier, shielding you from prying eyes that may want to peer onto your property.


Hedges add structure and definition to gardens with their neatly trimmed and uniform appearance.

Garden Access

If a hedge is not properly maintained, it can appear disorganized, expand, and occupy more space than necessary. It may even obstruct your lawn mowing and obscure your garden.

Healthy Growth

Trimming a hedge will make it grow thicker and healthier. If it is not trimmed properly, all that top growth will mean that the middle growth is not thick enough to hold the weight of the top, leading to instability.


Your Hedge Trimming Questions Answered

Generally, the best time to trim hedges in Warrandyte is during autumn (March to May) and early spring (September and October). This is because the temperatures tend to be milder so that the hedge can recover and regrow before the hottest and coldest times of the year.

How often a hedge needs to be trimmed will depend on many factors including the type of hedge, its growth rate, desired shape, and aesthetic preferences. Most often, people will trim their hedges either once or twice a year, though it can be done more often if necessary.
Cutting the top of a hedge is also known as the hedge’s ‘horizontal cut’. Doing this yourself means you will need the appropriate tools (hedge shears, loppers, or a hedge trimmer) with sharp and clean blades, along with the confidence to pull off an even cut! You will then need to measure and mark the desired height with string to ensure an even and neat result.

Start from one end and work your way along to the other end, using smooth, sweeping motions to create an even cut. If your hedge is long, you may wish to cut it in smaller sections for better control and accuracy. Once you’re done, step back and assess your work and make any necessary adjustments. Lastly, make sure you clean up and remove any fallen branches, debris, or clippings from the hedge and surrounding areas.

To make your hedge bushier, ensure you prune it regularly to promote healthy growth. Use proper pruning techniques, or have a professional do so if this isn’t in your skillset. Hedges also need to be fertilised and watered adequately to help them grow in nice and bushy, and applying a layer of mulch around the base of the hedge is also an excellent idea. Make sure your hedge receives sufficient sunlight, as excessive shade can hinder its growth and density.
Shaping a hedge involves careful assessment and precise pruning. Once you’ve decided what you want your hedge to look like, establish a guideline using a string, level, or stakes. Begin trimming to create the desired shape, using smooth and even strokes, then shape the top.

Why You Won’t Be Hedging Your Bets With Us

30+ Years Of Experience

The complexity of hedge trimming is often understated— rely on professionals with over 30 years of proven experience.

Level 2 Arborists

Our qualifications set us apart in all the best ways possible.


We understand how to help your hedge reach its full potential, and we never take shortcuts.


Helping You Hedge Your Garden To A Greener Future

If your hedges are calling out for some professional care, we’re here to help! At Oz Tree Services we’re dedicated to precise pruning and attention to detail, stopping at nothing to shape your hedges to perfection and help them grow nice and shapely. With level 2 arborist qualifications and over 30 years of experience, we’re the team to call to work magic on your hedges.

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Additional Services

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is crucial for an uncluttered and barrier-free garden, creating room for new possibilities.

Tree Removal

In some cases, tree removal is the best option in terms of safety and maintaining the health and aesthetics of a property.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Tree lopping and pruning stimulate better growth and boost a tree’s overall safety and aesthetic appeal.


Mulching is not just about wood chips, it contributes to preserving moisture, weed suppression, and bettering soil health.


Transform Your Landscape With Oz Tree Services

A scraggly-looking hedge draws attention for all the wrong reasons, taking away the sophistication and privacy you were looking for. Let’s bring your original vision back to life! With expert hedge trimming care from Oz Tree Services, your hedges can live their best life by looking immaculate and thriving with health. If your once stately and outstanding hedge is now untidy and battling against nature’s forces, contact us today so we can work on whipping them back into shape.