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A Little Mulch Goes A Lawn Way

Whether it was a small or large job to prune, lop, or remove a tree in your garden, one thing’s for sure: It leaves a mess behind. While we always clean up after ourselves to keep your space clean and tidy, we’re all about sustainability— so the last thing we want to do is get rid of what can be repurposed! What was once on your tree or in your yard can provide your oasis with just what it needs to bloom like never before.

Tree Mulching Hurstbridge

Mulching Services Hurstbridge


Mulch Ado About Gardening

At Oz Tree Services, we’re about much more than simply wood chips! Whatever we cut down goes into our chipper to be turned into bush mulch, which is a combination of leaves, wood, shredded or chipped branches, twigs, and bark— not what you’d find in a nursery. With over 30 years of experience and vast knowledge of all things mulch, we know just how useful this potpourri-of-sorts can be for your garden.

Bush mulch is commonly employed in gardening and landscaping for the purpose of maintaining moisture, curbing weed growth, providing insulation to the soil, and augmenting soil fertility. Additionally, it simulates the natural environment and encourages the growth of local plant species, making it a go-to option for sustainable and environmentally conscious gardening practices.


Feel Chipper About Our Mulching Process

Whether you’d like to re-use your mulch or are looking for somewhere to find it, we’ve got you— and your Hurstbridge garden— covered.

Tree Mulching Hurstbridge


Operations like tree pruning, lopping, and removal generate green waste, which is far from waste considering we can re-use it!

Wood Chipping Hurstbridge

Mulch For Sale

We introduce the green waste into the chipper, generating organic mulch for your garden’s pleasure.

Wood chipping services Hurstbridge

Mulch Delivery

We provide you with the mulch to utilize in your garden, or we can transport mulch from other assignments to homes in the north east Melbourne region.

Ready to see the difference mulch can make?

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The Benefits Of Mulch

Mulching assists in maintaining moisture, insulating the soil, preventing weed proliferation, and mu(l)ch more! By opting for Oz Tree Services to handle your garden’s mulching, you’ll witness its benefits from several angles.

Clean Up

Mulching eradicates unnecessary branches, leaves, bark, and the like from your garden and assigns them new roles to execute.

Garden Health

No person cherishes a garden inundated with weeds! Mulching helps in weed growth management, soil moisture retention, aeration promotion, drainage improvement, and more.

Environmentally Friendly

Mulching assists in the conservation of water by lessening evaporation from the soil surface, preserving this essential resource as much as achievable. Plus, it establishes a safe habitat for worms, insects, and microorganisms playing a crucial role in natural ecosystem processes.


We leave the mulch on site for your use, or can deliver it to your home in Hurstbridge.


Your Mulch Questions Answered

We provide mulch from our projects which is a combination of branches, twigs, bark, leaves, and other similar materials.

Mulch can be used wherever your garden needs it. Many people use mulch in their garden beds or to create a mulch ring around the base of trees and shrubs. You can also use mulch for garden pathways, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and in container plants.

We deliver within north east Melbourne.

Why Oz Tree Services

30+ Years Of Experience

With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, we are deeply knowledgeable about mulching and exploiting its myriad benefits.


We’ve built a reputation as reliable arborists, whether working below your garden beds or atop your trees.

Clean And Tidy

We conclude every project with the same meticulousness applied throughout, leaving you with nothing else to do but unwind.


Every Successful Garden Starts With A Good Soil-ution

If the debris of a fallen or uprooted tree lingers in your garden, we can turn that into something positive! Mulching benefits both your garden and the environment, proving itself as a remarkable solution for all. Alternatively, if your garden is bereft of trees but has a weed problem, mulch can effectively deal with that! In a nutshell, if your Hurstbridge garden is yet to make the most of mulch, we’re here to assist you in getting started.

Hurstbridge Tree mulching


Additional Services

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be a potential hazard and an eyesore, so it’s often best to get rid of them.

Tree Removal

Professionally handling and removing a dead or infected tree is always a better and safer option compared to any other possibilities.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Is there a tree on your property that could do with a trim? No matter the size, we can handle the lopping and pruning.

Hedge Trimming

If your hedge isn’t serving its dual purpose of beauty and functionality, we’re here to help restore it.


Show Your Garden As Mulch Love As Possible With Oz Tree Services

Ready to step up your gardening game? Try the transformative power of mulching and maximize the full potential of your plants and soil with Oz Tree Services! With our wealth of experience and commitment to what we do, your garden will be looking its best in no time, all thanks to our mulching services. With its multitude of benefits, mulching revolutionizes water conservation, weed control, soil health, and overall garden aesthetics. Let us help you bid adieu to dry, barren soil and never-ending battles with stubborn weeds— get in touch with Oz Tree Services today.