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A Little Mulch Goes A Lawn Way

No matter if it was a minor or major task to prune, lop, or eliminate a tree from your garden, it undoubtedly results in a cluttered aftermath. We always ensure to clean up following our operations, aiming to leave your area spick-and-span, but we’re firm believers in sustainability— the idea of wasting what could be repurposed is something we’re against! The remnants from your tree or yard can contribute precisely what your sanctuary needs to thrive once more.

Tree Mulching Mill Park

Mulching Services Mill Park


Mulch Ado About Gardening

At Oz Tree Services, we offer more than just wood chips! All that we cut down is processed in our chipper to produce bush mulch, an amalgamation of leaves, wood, shredded or chipped branches, twigs, and bark— unlike what you would find in a nursery. With over three decades of experience and a broad understanding of mulch, we recognize the significant value this diverse mix can add to your garden.

Bush mulch is a popular choice in gardening and landscaping due to its capacity to conserve moisture, deter weeds, provide soil insulation, and enhance soil fertility. It emulates the natural environment and boosts the growth of indigenous plants, making it an excellent option for sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening endeavours.


Feel Chipper About Our Mulching Process

Whether your intention is to recycle your mulch or you’re in search of a place to acquire it, we’re here for you— and your Mill Park garden.

Tree Mulching Mill Park


Undertakings like tree trimming, lopping, and removal leave us with green waste, which is hardly waste when we can utilize it once more!

Wood Chipping Mill Park

Mulch For Sale

We put the green waste through the chipper, creating organic mulch for your garden to enjoy.

Wood chipping services Mill Park

Mulch Delivery

We provide you with the mulch to utilize in your garden, or we can transport mulch from other assignments to homes in the north east Melbourne region.

Ready to see the difference mulch can make?

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The Benefits Of Mulch

Mulching assists in maintaining moisture, insulating the soil, preventing weed proliferation, and mu(l)ch more! By opting for Oz Tree Services to handle your garden’s mulching, you’ll witness its benefits from several angles.

Clean Up

Mulching rids your garden of unwanted branches, leaves, bark, and more, providing them with new responsibilities to carry out.

Garden Health

Nobody wants a garden full of weeds! Mulching helps to manage weed growth, keep the soil moist, promote aeration, improve drainage, and more.

Environmentally Friendly

Mulching contributes to saving water by reducing the evaporation from the soil surface, thereby preserving as much of this precious resource as possible. Moreover, it offers a protective habitat for worms, insects, and microorganisms that are instrumental in natural ecosystem processes.


We leave the mulch on site for your use, or can deliver it to your home in Mill Park.


Your Mulch Questions Answered

We provide mulch from our projects which is a combination of branches, twigs, bark, leaves, and other similar materials.

Mulch can be used wherever your garden needs it. Many people use mulch in their garden beds or to create a mulch ring around the base of trees and shrubs. You can also use mulch for garden pathways, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and in container plants.

We deliver within north east Melbourne.

Why Oz Tree Services

30+ Years Of Experience

Our expertise in mulching and maximising its benefits is unparalleled, thanks to our more than 30 years of experience.


We’ve cultivated a reputation for trustworthiness that encompasses all aspects of arboriculture, from your garden bed to your tallest trees.

Clean And Tidy

We conclude every project with the same meticulousness applied throughout, leaving you with nothing else to do but unwind.


Every Successful Garden Starts With A Good Soil-ution

If remnants of a toppled or extracted tree are cluttering your space, we can put those to excellent use! Mulching can be tremendously beneficial for both your garden and the environment, making it a universally favorable solution. If your garden, on the other hand, lacks trees but is overrun with weeds, mulch is a superb method of addressing this problem! In essence, if your Mill Park garden has yet to experience the benefits of mulch, we’re on hand to help you start the journey.

Mill Park Tree mulching


Additional Services

Tree Stump Removal

Oftentimes, the most sensible option is to eliminate tree stumps due to their inherent risks and unsightliness.

Tree Removal

A dead or sickly tree is far better removed by skilled professionals rather than risking other methods.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Does your tree need a little attention? Big or small, we’re here to prune and lop them all.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges, when maintained well, can serve multiple purposes. If yours isn’t living up to its potential, we’re here to give it a boost.


Show Your Garden As Mulch Love As Possible With Oz Tree Services

Ready to elevate your gardening game? Experience the transformative power of mulching with Oz Tree Services! With our decades of experience and passion for our work, your garden will flourish in no time with our mulching practices. Considering its multitude of advantages, mulching revolutionises water conservation, weed control, soil wellness, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the garden. Allow us to help you bid farewell to parched soil and ceaseless weeds— get in touch with Oz Tree Services today.