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A Little Mulch Goes A Lawn Way

Whether the task of pruning, lopping, or extracting a tree from your garden was minute or massive, it invariably leaves a littered aftermath. We are committed to clean up after ourselves, leaving your surroundings clean and orderly, but we are all in for sustainability— so the notion of discarding what could be reutilized doesn’t sit well with us! The waste from your tree or yard could be exactly what your oasis needs to burgeon like never before.

Tree Mulching Watsonia

Mulching Services Watsonia


Mulch Ado About Gardening

At Oz Tree Services, we’re about much more than simply wood chips! Whatever we cut down goes into our chipper to be turned into bush mulch, which is a combination of leaves, wood, shredded or chipped branches, twigs, and bark— not what you’d find in a nursery. With over 30 years of experience and vast knowledge of all things mulch, we know just how useful this potpourri-of-sorts can be for your garden.

In gardening and landscaping, bush mulch is often employed for its capabilities to preserve moisture, curb weed growth, insulate the soil, and boost soil fertility. It also mirrors the natural environment and stimulates the proliferation of native plants, making it a preferred choice for those committed to sustainable and eco-friendly gardening.


Feel Chipper About Our Mulching Process

Whether your intention is to recycle your mulch or you’re in search of a place to acquire it, we’re here for you— and your Watsonia garden.

Tree Mulching Watsonia


Undertakings like tree trimming, lopping, and removal leave us with green waste, which is hardly waste when we can utilize it once more!

Wood Chipping Watsonia

Mulch For Sale

We channel the green waste through our chipper, forming organic mulch for your garden to relish.

Wood chipping services Watsonia

Mulch Delivery

We give you the mulch for use on your garden, or can deliver mulch from other jobs to local homes in north east Melbourne.

Ready to see the difference mulch can make?

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The Benefits Of Mulch

Mulching supports the conservation of moisture, soil insulation, the prevention of weed growth, and loads more! When Oz Tree Services is your choice for garden mulching, you’ll detect the benefits in numerous ways.

Clean Up

Mulching removes surplus branches, leaves, bark, among other items from your garden, giving them fresh duties to perform.

Garden Health

No person cherishes a garden inundated with weeds! Mulching helps in weed growth management, soil moisture retention, aeration promotion, drainage improvement, and more.

Environmentally Friendly

Mulching supports water preservation by curbing evaporation from the soil surface, conserving as much of this vital resource as can be. Also, it creates a protective environment for worms, insects, and microorganisms essential to natural ecosystem operations.


We keep the mulch on site for you to utilise, or alternatively, can transport it to your residence in Watsonia.


Your Mulch Questions Answered

We provide mulch from our projects which is a combination of branches, twigs, bark, leaves, and other similar materials.

Mulch can be used wherever your garden needs it. Many people use mulch in their garden beds or to create a mulch ring around the base of trees and shrubs. You can also use mulch for garden pathways, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and in container plants.

We deliver within north east Melbourne.

Why Oz Tree Services

30+ Years Of Experience

Our expertise in mulching and maximising its benefits is unparalleled, thanks to our more than 30 years of experience.


Our sterling reputation as dependable arborists shines, from the ground of your garden beds to the peak of your trees.

Clean And Tidy

Each task we undertake is finalized with the same exactitude that we used from the start, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.


Every Successful Garden Starts With A Good Soil-ution

If remnants of a toppled or extracted tree are cluttering your space, we can put those to excellent use! Mulching can be tremendously beneficial for both your garden and the environment, making it a universally favorable solution. If your garden, on the other hand, lacks trees but is overrun with weeds, mulch is a superb method of addressing this problem! In essence, if your Watsonia garden has yet to experience the benefits of mulch, we’re on hand to help you start the journey.

Watsonia Tree mulching


Additional Services

Tree Stump Removal

Stumps, with their potential danger and unattractive look, are usually better off being removed.

Tree Removal

In the case of a diseased or dead tree removal, it’s always safer for it to be professionally handled.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Is there a tree on your property that could do with a trim? No matter the size, we can handle the lopping and pruning.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges, when maintained well, can serve multiple purposes. If yours isn’t living up to its potential, we’re here to give it a boost.


Show Your Garden As Mulch Love As Possible With Oz Tree Services

Ready to level up your gardening prowess? Discover the magic of mulching with Oz Tree Services! Our years of expertise and commitment to the job will have your garden in top shape in no time thanks to our mulching techniques. Given its vast benefits, mulching is a game-changer for conserving water, managing weeds, promoting soil health, and improving garden aesthetics. Let us assist you in waving goodbye to dry soil and relentless weed problems— reach out to Oz Tree Services today.