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Stumped for stump grinding or stump removal in Melbourne? We’ve got you— and your tree stumps— covered.


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Where there was once a tree, there’s now a stump. Being left with a stump can be a pain and a nuisance— not only do they look unsightly, make for a tripping hazard, and prevent you from planting or building in that spot, but they mean that you can’t mow that area. This means grass can grow around it and add to the general eyesore of the situation, which nobody wants for their garden! If your garden has a tree stump sitting there providing zero benefit and only causing more trouble for your property, it’s time to do something about it.

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Tree Stump Removal Melbourne Is Here To Save The Day— And Your Garden

Attempting to cover a tree stump can only do so much. What you need is a professional arborist with years of experience in stump removal in Melbourne— one who’s highly trained in tree stump removal and stump grinding and who comes with the equipment necessary to make the job seem easy.

At Oz Tree Services, we’re level 2 arborists with over 30 years of experience in removing trees and their stumps from properties all across Melbourne. Tree stump removal and stump grinding can be very dangerous for those without the necessary qualifications and experience, so it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. When you choose Oz Tree Services, you’re choosing the team with expert knowledge to give you peace of mind that your garden will be stump-free and safe again in no time.


Our Tree Stump Removal Process

Removing a tree stump is a much more intricate process than it may look from the outside. However, we can make it as smooth a process as possible.

Tree Stump Removal Services Northern Suburbs Melbourne
1. Assessment and Recommendations

We start by assessing the stump and the site it’s on before giving you our recommendations on what we can do.

stump removal quote Northern Suburbs Melbourne
2. Quote

We then give you a quote based on our assessment and the work we recommend we should do to your tree stump.

Stump Grinding Services Northern Suburbs Melbourne
3. Completion of Work

We pride ourselves on getting stuck in to get your stump out as soon as possible.

Tree Stump Grinding Northern Suburbs Melbourne
4. Clean Up

When the stump has been ground down, we clean up to make sure your property is left as clean— or even cleaner!— than it was when we arrived.

Ready to get down to the grind?

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Stumped On The Benefits Of Stump Removal?

Easier garden maintenance

Have you been struggling to mow around your tree stump? That’s now a thing of the past!


Removing unsightly stumps can make a world of difference to how your garden looks and feels, making it the relaxing oasis you always dreamed of.


Removing tree stumps by grinding them removes tripping hazards, making your garden a safe place for people of all ages to enjoy.


Stump grinding doesn’t require any digging up of land, so it can be done quickly and with less mess than you may have expected.


Your Tree Stump Removal Melbourne Questions Answered

Simply put: Nope! Tree stumps need to be ground out as they can be a tripping hazard, attract pests such as termites and ants, and begin to decay and lead to unpleasant odours. Plus, they’re an eyesore!
Tree stump removal goes a minimum of 300mm below the surface level. This is because tree roots can extend far beyond the visible stump and, if not removed completely, can continue to grow and spread and cause issues such as regrowth and damage to nearby structures.
Nature will take its course, so the roots will generally rot and die unless it’s a specific tree that we need to poison to ensure the roots die.
Depending on the tree, it may shoot again if it’s not poisoned. In other cases, it will just stay there and slowly rot away.
Stump grinding is where we use a machine called a stump grinder to shred the stump and roots into small pieces. The stump grinder does this with rotating blades and turns the stump into wood chips and debris that can be used as mulch if desired.

Stump removal, meanwhile, is where we dig around the stump and use special equipment to remove the entire stump and its roots. Generally, stump removal is used when you want to build or plant in the area where the stump was or if you want to prevent any future regrowth or issues with pests and/or diseases.

Why Oz Tree Services Is Your Partner In Stump Removal In Melbourne

Level 2 Arborists

Level 1 arborists have basic knowledge of tree care and maintenance, but at Oz Tree Services, we go above and beyond with our level 2 qualification that demonstrates our high level of skills.

30+ Years Of Experience

When it comes to stump removal and stump grinding, we’ve seen it all in our 30+ years in the field— no job is too big, too small, or too tough!

Servicing All North East Melbourne Suburbs

From Eltham to Doreen and everything in between, we bring our stump grinding services to wherever you are in north east Melbourne.


You Won’t Be-Leaf The Change!

Removing a tree stump in your garden can make all the difference when it comes to aesthetics, safety, and maintenance. Not only will removing an eyesore tree stump open your garden up to more possibilities, but it also removes tripping hazards and the frustration of trying to mow around a difficult object. If you’ve been considering stump grinding to get rid of that pesky stump on your property, now’s the time to do it!

tree stump grinding Northern Suburbs Melbourne


Additional Services

Tree Removal

Do you have a whole tree that needs removing, rather than just its stump? We can take care of that with expert care as well.

Hedge Trimming

Regular hedge trimming helps your hedge to grow thicker and healthier, making your hedge the envy of the neighbourhood.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Do you have a tree with branches that look like they could fall at any time? Don’t wait— tree lopping and pruning are essential for everybody’s safety.


Mulching your garden has endless benefits, especially during dry times, as it saves water and helps to improve your garden’s soil naturally.


Are Tree Stumps Grinding Your Gears?

When it comes to tree stump removal and tree stump grinding, taking the time to assess all the factors is crucial. At Oz Tree Services, we conduct a thorough assessment and take your needs into consideration before getting underway with our expert knowledge and experience. With over 30 years of experience under our tool belts, we can safely grind down any tree stump and make your garden the pristine haven it was always meant to be. If a tree stump is bothering you, don’t let it get away with it— contact us at Oz Tree Services today.