Stump Removal Lower Plenty

Looking for stump removal or grinding services in Lower Plenty? We’ve got your back—and your tree stumps too.


Stump Removal Lower Plenty

In the place of a former tree, a stump lingers. Having a stump left behind can be both irritating and problematic— not only do they appear unattractive, create tripping hazards, and obstruct planting or building in that location, but they also prevent mowing in that spot. Consequently, grass may proliferate around the stump, intensifying the overall displeasing sight that nobody prefers for their garden. If a tree stump on your property is serving no purpose and only causing additional issues, it’s time to address the situation.

Stump Removal Lower Plenty

Tree Stump Removal Lower Plenty


Stump Removal in Lower Plenty: Your Garden’s Hero and Day-Saver

Simply hiding a tree stump won’t suffice. You need an experienced arborist with a wealth of knowledge in stump removal in Melbourne— an individual well-versed in stump removal and stump grinding, and who comes with the required gear to facilitate the task.

Oz Tree Services consists of level 2 arborists who boast over three decades of experience in eliminating trees and stumps from numerous North East Melbourne properties. Due to the hazards associated with tree stump removal and stump grinding, those without the appropriate skills and knowledge should leave the task to experts.

Choosing Oz Tree Services means trusting a team with the know-how to guarantee a stump-free and secure garden promptly.


Our Stump Removal Process

Eliminating a tree stump is more complex than it might appear at first glance. Nonetheless, we strive to make it as seamless as can be.

Tree stump removal services Lower Plenty

1. Assessment and Recommendations

First, we evaluate the stump and its surrounding area, followed by offering our advice on the possible solutions.

Stump removal services Lower Plenty

2. Quote

Subsequently, we supply a quote considering our appraisal and the advised actions for your tree stump.

Lower Plenty Tree stump removal services

3. Completion of Work

We pride ourselves on getting stuck in to get your stump out as soon as possible.

Stump grinding services Lower Plenty

4. Clean Up

When the stump has been ground down, we clean up to make sure your property is left as clean— or even cleaner!— than it was when we arrived.

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