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Here to make your trees healthier than ever with professional pruning, trimming and removal. 


Professional Tree Services in Mill Park

At Oz Tree Services we understand the impact a beautiful local tree can have on our homes, but maintaining them can sometimes be a difficult process. Without regular pruning and yard maintenance trees can quickly become unmanageable.

If trees are left unchecked, they can create dangers and cause considerable harm. Snapping branches, decaying trunks, or rampant roots might lead to property damage in many forms. Though we highly value the contributions of trees, at times, professional help is needed to address these issues.

Tree removal services in Mill Park

Tree and Stump Removal Mill Park


Tree and Stump Removal

Dealing with an unwanted tree or, even worse, a stump, can diminish your enjoyment of your home and garden. The removal of a tree or stump without expert help can be hazardous for both you and your property. At Oz Tree Services, we maintain high Australian standards and efficiency to complete the task correctly.

Utilising our Mill Park tree removal services, we help keep your home secure and tailored to your aesthetic preferences.


Specialised Tree Pruning and Lopping

Pride in your garden means your trees likely play a central role at your Mill Park home. From towering gum trees to impressive wattles or other types, we can assist in keeping them in prime condition. With a professional arborist on board, we can identify the specific needs of your tree companions for optimal health.

Utilise our tree services in Mill Park for expert trimming, pruning, and lopping, designed to optimise the health of your garden’s unique trees.

Tree Lopping and Pruning Mill Park


How We Approach Tree Removal

Tree removal company in Mill Park

1. Assessment

The first step of our process is assessment. Whether it be a tree, stump removal or pruning project we’re determined to help. Our experts work to identify the tree in question, its surroundings and any other information that could impact the project.

Local tree removal Mill Park

2. Quote

Once the assessment is complete, we provide a free estimate on how we can assist you. Despite our team’s extensive qualifications, you are required to secure any necessary permits before we proceed with the removal.

Tree removal service Mill Park

3. Job Completion

As soon as we wrap up the paperwork, our team kicks into gear. We’re committed to excellence in service and uphold strict safety standards for all our tree removal and maintenance projects.

Arborist Mill Park

4. Clean Up

Our work isn’t finished until your garden looks brand-new. We ensure all debris around the site has been cleared and that our team has met the highest standards when it comes to finishing the job.

Ready to make your Mill Park garden a knockout? Contact us today to get the best arborist expert opinions.


How Can Our Tree Services Benefit You?

Safety First

Our tree removal and pruning services can ensure that branches or trunks are less likely to fall, preventing potential damage to you or your property.

Expert Garden Maintenance

Having your trees professionally trimmed or removed can streamline garden maintenance, allowing you to easily achieve your desired aesthetic.

Enhancing Tree Vitality Tree Health

With our experienced arborists, we know exactly what to do to make your trees healthier than ever, encouraging them to grow in the best ways.

Streamlined Services

We pride ourselves on efficiency, ensuring our tree services are performed swiftly to minimise any inconvenience to your daily routine.


Frequently Asked Tree Questions

Removing trees or tree stumps should only be done by professionals. Attempting to use grinding or cutting equipment without proper training can be very dangerous, risking injury and property damage.

Tree trimming, pruning, and lopping represent various tree care techniques. Tree trimming typically means cutting back overgrown or unnecessary branches for visual appeal. Pruning is the selective removal of certain branches to boost tree health, structure, and aesthetics. Conversely, tree lopping frequently involves more severe cutting, like taking off large sections or the entire top part of the tree. This method is usually performed for safety purposes or to solve clearance problems.

Pruning serves to improve the health and growth of trees. If you’re considering an assessment for better growth, our expert arborists are equipped to guide you to the ideal solution.

Lopping is when there are dead or breaking branches on a tree that could potentially be dangerous. If you have noticed any branches that seem damaged or weighed down you may need to have the branches lopped.

The need for tree pruning depends on factors like species, age, health, growth rate, and desired outcomes. Typically, most trees should be pruned every 3 to 5 years to maintain their health, shape, and structural integrity. Fast-growing or fruit-bearing trees may require more frequent pruning, whereas slower-growing trees may need less. Consulting a professional arborist, such as the team at Oz Tree Services, is suggested to evaluate your trees and offer the best pruning schedule for ideal growth and maintenance.

Pruning trees yourself can be possible for small, low-risk jobs such as removing small branches or deadwood. However, for larger trees, high branches, or complex pruning tasks, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional arborist. Tree pruning requires knowledge of proper techniques, equipment, safety precautions, and an understanding of the tree’s biology. Improper pruning can lead to tree stress, damage, and even potential hazards. Arborists such as our team at Oz Tree Services have the expertise to assess tree health, make accurate cuts, and ensure the long-term well-being of the tree.

Typically, a permit is required to remove a tree from your Mill Park property. We can evaluate your property and its trees to ascertain if a permit is necessary for their removal.

This varies by council area— check with your local council if you’re not sure.

This also depends on your council, so make sure you check with your specific council.

Tree-related tasks pose significant risks, especially for people lacking the necessary knowledge. To ensure your peace of mind, it’s essential to engage a professional with expert knowledge in this high-risk activity.

We’re certified climbers, so we know the drill! We’re trained in rigging and using ropes to ensure everything is lowered properly, and we also have $10 million of public liability insurance for your added peace of mind.

Each tree, site, and job are different, so there’s no one answer as to how much tree services cost. To get an idea, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today.

In straightforward terms, the more, the better! We require a generous amount of space to conduct our operations with efficiency and safety.

Our team extends its services to the entire North East Suburbs of Melbourne, covering Mill Park and nearby suburbs.

Why Choose Us?

At Oz Tree Services, our Mill Park stump removal and tree services are completed to the highest standards to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Three Decades of Tree Service Expertise

Every job is worth our best effort at Oz Tree Services. Over 30 years we’ve dealt with every kind of tree removal or pruning project that our clients need.

Our Certified Level 2 Arborists

Our arborists have taken advanced training to assist our customers with all their tree service needs.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

All of our equipment is the latest for tree or stump removal services. Our experienced team is trained to make sure all equipment is handled safely.


Tree Removal Services in Mill Park

We offer fully insured tree services, ensuring professional and efficient care for your trees. Our comprehensive service meets the highest Australian standards, from initial assessment to final clean-up, always at an excellent price.

We prioritise your safety above all and aim to leave every site in better condition than we found it. If you’re seeking professional tree trimming for your Mill Park residence, we are eager to offer assistance and find the ideal solution to your tree concerns.

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Additional Services

Tree Stump Removal

If you’ve been left with an unsightly tree stump, we can take care of it to make your garden safe and beautiful once again. 

Hedge Trimming

Trimming hedges makes them grow back thicker and more luscious, making your garden the best on the street.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Looking to prune a tree to make it aesthetically pleasing while also preventing problems? Tree lopping and pruning is for you.


Mulching helps to save water and improve your garden’s soil naturally, so you can help the environment and your garden at the same time.

Mill Park Tree Services

Tree Care Services in Mill Park

Thinking of what your garden would look like with a tree removal? Wanting to get rid of that unsightly stump? If you want to spruce up your trees in Mill Park, contact us at Oz Tree Services today!

Our tree service in Mill Park is committed to providing excellent service at great prices. We can assess your garden and propose the most effective enhancements for your home.