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When Trees Transform into A Risk

When you think of an Australian landscape, towering trees reaching skyward often come to mind. Though a picturesque sight, not all trees are created equal. At times, tree removal is the best choice for the tree itself, nearby residents, and the environment.

Unhealthy trees in Research can pose risks as they become unsteady and susceptible to dropping branches, potentially hurting individuals or falling on houses during tempestuous weather. Furthermore, tree roots can lead to difficulties if they encase and rupture water pipes or compromise building foundations, or even displace pavement, fostering a dangerous environment. In Australia, it’s important to consider that trees in close proximity to homes may present a bushfire hazard in fire-prone areas. While trees may provide beauty and serenity, there are instances when their removal is essential for the safety of all parties.

Tree Removal Research

Research Tree Removal


Do You Have A Troublesome Tree?

Each tree and case presents its own unique challenges, and many factors must be taken into account when it comes to tree removal. As level 2 arborists boasting more than 30 years of experience, we comprehend the nuances of tree removal that surpass the abilities of even the most seasoned handyperson. Tree removal is a risky undertaking that should always be entrusted to professionals armed with the right tools and expertise, such as our Oz Tree Services team.

As skilled tree removal experts, we have the know-how to dismantle trees piece by piece in a safe manner for both ourselves and those below. We’ll assess the tree and determine the most secure method of removal without causing property damage, and to complete our comprehensive service, we’ll clean up the debris before departing.


Our Tree Removal Process

We at Oz Tree Services will greet you at the location to assess the site & the tree before our team start our tree removal process. Regardless of how large or minuscule a task is, we are available to help with our knowledge & experience.

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1. Assessment and Recommendations

We inspect the tree to ascertain if it’s dangerously close to property, if it’s a protected species, and any other important factors. After our evaluation, we share recommendations to help you understand the permissible and impermissible actions regarding your tree.

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2. Quote

Afterwards, we’ll supply a quote specifying the work we can perform on your tree. Regarding permits, though, that’s your domain—obtaining the necessary permit ahead of time contributes to a more efficient process for everyone.

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3. Completion of Work

Once the documents are sorted, we jump straight into the task, delivering on our commitment and leveraging our unique equipment and more than 30 years of expertise to ensure the optimal result.

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4. Clean Up

When the tree has been taken away, our task isn’t complete— we tidy up after ourselves and typically make the area even cleaner than before we came! This stems from our capability to not only take down trees but also to rake and blow away any pre-existing leaves and dirt.

Are you prepared to determine the optimal solution for your tree, your property, and your situation?

Contact Oz Tree Services today for tree removal across Research.


The Benefits Of Tree Removal


Deteriorating or withering trees create a safety concern, as their limbs/branches may drop, and the trees can be uprooted in stormy weather.


Getting rid of withering trees can free up space on your land, improving vistas and allowing for more attractive garden areas.

Protect your property

The danger of falling branches can impact your property, as they have the potential to strike houses and automobiles.

Garden Health

Removing diseased or dying trees can prevent other trees from disease or pests, maintaining overall garden health.


Your Tree Removal Questions Answered

Every tree is unique, so having it inspected by a qualified arborist is essential to know the next steps. There are various things we can look for to determine whether it needs to be removed, which means we need to see it in person and use our expert knowledge to make a decision.
You can certainly keep the tree/s we remove! Feel free to keep as much as you like, provided you have the space for it. You can keep it in the form of mulch or firewood, whichever suits your needs best.

Not necessarily! Sometimes trees that are close to homes don’t need to be removed. Ground movement can change with or without the tree, and sometimes removing it can even make matters worse. Once again, this is something that only a qualified arborist can identify.

Not always, but most do. There are a few types of trees that don’t stop growing— these are the ones that will need to be poisoned to ensure the health of the rest of your garden. If we need to remove the stump as well as the tree, we will poison the tree before grinding the stump.
Yes, there are several trees that are protected in Australia. Your local council will advise you if your tree is protected when you apply for a permit for its removal.

Quite often, you will need a permit. We are able to assess your property and determine whether or not you will need permits to proceed with your job.

Check with your local council to determine how to apply for a permit, as processes may vary between councils.
As with permits, the proximity of how close to the property line you can cut trees varies between councils and depends on bushfire rules.
Tree removal is very risky and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. For peace of mind, make sure you leave tree removal to the professionals— we provide expert knowledge, can assess what you can and can’t do with your tree, and are well-trained in safety procedures that the average handyperson isn’t.
As certified climbers, we know the drill! We rig and use ropes so that everything is lowered properly, preventing possible damage. We are also covered with $10 million of public liability insurance for extra peace of mind.
As every tree and every site is different, there’s no average cost for tree removal. We need to see the tree, the site, and the access to the site to determine the cost of any job.
In a word: Lots! In order to operate efficiently, we need as much room as possible. We will assess this during an initial site inspection.

Why Oz Tree Services Are The Arborists For You

Level 2 Arborists

Possessing this accreditation demonstrates our completion of advanced arboriculture education and training, which allows us to identify, assess, and offer solutions for tree maladies and additional issues.

30+ Years Of Experience

Boasting commercial horticulture credentials, certified climber status, and a longer track record than the lifespans of some trees, Oz Tree Services embodies expertise in removing trees in Research and surrounds.

Specialised Equipment

Nobody without the experience or knowledge should be removing trees, and the same goes for those without the equipment. We combine all three to ensure your tree removal experience is as smooth as possible.


You Can Trust Oz Tree Services From Start To Finish— And Beyond

If a tree is causing you trouble in Research, don’t hesitate— you never know when the storm that breaks the camel’s back (or the tree’s roots) will come. When you call Oz Tree Services, you’ll have a qualified level 2 arborist at your door in no time, ready to assess your site and your tree to make the best decision for all involved. From assessment to clean up, you can rest assured your garden will be looking and feeling healthy for years to come.

Research Tree Removal Services


Additional Services

Tree Stump Removal

Dealing with an unattractive tree stump? Our tree stump removal service can eliminate it, restoring your garden’s safety and aesthetic appeal.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming makes your hedges grow back thicker and more luscious, ensuring that your garden stands out as the best on the street.

Tree Lopping and Pruning

Want to improve a tree’s aesthetics and avert potential problems? Tree lopping and pruning are your go-to options.


By mulching, you conserve water and enhance your garden’s soil organically, benefiting both the environment and your garden.


Looking For Tree Removal In Research?

In need of tree removal services? Reach out to the seasoned arborists at Oz Tree Services. Possessing over three decades of experience, advanced education, and a deep understanding of tree biology, anatomy, and physiology, we can expertly and safely remove trees of any dimension. We’re also mindful of the significance of preserving your property’s health and aesthetics, and as such, we take every measure to ensure trees are removed as responsibly as possible.

Want to find out how tree removal can upgrade your garden? Contact us right away, and let us contribute to the establishment of a safe and gorgeous setting for you and your community.